About Our Company

Medicina is a group of healthcare outlets distributed strategically throughout the UAE.

Our focus revolves around the promotion of health in addition to bringing back care into the framework of total wellness. We are driven by our fundamental purpose to play an active and supportive role in each person’s life. As a consequence, we deliver unparalleled quality products and customer service. Medicina helps our customers live a better life.

Each Pharmacy within the Group provides a cohesive, unique caring experience— from advising on prescriptions to managing chronic and specialty conditions; from providing quality walk-in medical care and health management to dispensing everyday products. We endorse trust and confidence as the nucleus of our operations, never compromising on the needs of our customers. Our Pharmacies’ interior is meticulously designed with the intention of meeting the needs of our customers by optimizing space and focusing on quality modular fixtures that promote visual merchandising.

Our History

Medicina was established as the Retail arm of Pharmalink, with the first Pharmacy made operational in March 1996, under the name Bainunah Pharmacy. This was later rebranded to Medicina in March 2013. The vision of making the brand name synonymous with accessible healthcare birthed the existence of Medicina.

Medicina Caring with Passion

With our strategic locations, in a short span of time, Medicina has quickly positioned itself as a well-known name in the Pharmaceutical Industry within the UAE.

Why we Unique


Medicina has successfully established ties with all the Major insurance providers within the UAE in order to better serve our customers.


Delivery Systems

Medicina has set up a fully-fledged fleet of licensed vehicles dedicated to providing rapid home delivery. Strict quality control regulations ensure the integrity of your medications during transit. Now you can get your healthcare needs while sitting in the comfort of your own home.


Easy Shopping

Medicina provides all your healthcare requirements and more. Just visit your nearest branch and pick up all you need. Medicina will serve you to the maximum, if your needs are not available we will arrange it especially for you within 24 hours.



At Medicina, we see counselling as more than just answering questions. All our fully qualified pharmacists are trained on a regular basis in areas ranging from therapeutic advances to customer service skills. Our staff is comprised of a mix of nationalities and languages in order to serve the multi-cultural environment of the UAE in a better way.


Welcome to Medicina

Our approach enables us to tailor our solutions to the specific needs of the market. We have a wide range of products that cater to all our customers’ needs.

Medicina Retail Project

Medicina Pharmacies boasts it’s active presence within the UAE community.
Our focus is to be available in major Retail outlets, residential communities, and high density areas.
We have adopted an aggressive approach towards our expansion into the new and upcoming locations in the UAE market.

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